Friday, August 24, 2007

Channel 4 Axes Celebrity Big Brother

Channel 4 announced today that it axed the 2008 episode of the excreable Celebrity Big Brother. I do not know the principal reason for relieving our screens of this tomfoolery but i could not careless but have a celebratory drink. I have never been a fan of these so called reality television.

The genre is a fraud. Most of the so called celebrities are has-beens whose agents are looking for new angles to gain them publicity and revive their dead or flagging careers. And the show producers? Less said about that the better. Lets just say they have a script to which the characters in these shows are willy nilly made to work to. You get more reality watching a panto. I would gladly read the teletext backwards rather than watch programmes like Celebrity Big Brother.

I suggest they might as well get rid of Big Brother too. Such tawdry programmes would not be missed.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Boris Johnson For Mayor

I am not a betting man but if i was my money would be on Boris Johnson flying the flag for the Conservatives come next year`s mayoral election. I support the choice. I do not have anything against Bozza {as he is now referred to} but he is not having my vote. Not that i am a Livingstone sympathiser as well. I do not think Livingstone listens to the people of London or carry out the wishes of the majority of the city`s inhabitants and stakeholders. Unless the Liberal Democrats come forward with a creditable candidate with a half- decent chance of winning then i shall refrain from voting in the election.

What i would like for London is a charismatic,urbane,well travelled,business savvy character with a strong link to the city. Someone who knows the city well. Someone not shackled to or encumbered by political affiliations and ideology nor driven by the quest to make political gains or points. Someone who appreciates not only the need to sell London as a brand to the world so we can maintain a competitive edge over other world class cities, but also commited wholeheartedly to finding practical and lasting solutions to the challenges faced by Londoners.

Whose name comes to mind here. One Richard Branson. I think he fits the description of what kind of mayor i envisage for London. Proven business acumen,seen a fair bit of the world{owns a bit of it too}, is well conversant with London, has a fresh outlook and and is not lacking in charisma. Please Richard Branson, be our mayor.