Sunday, July 29, 2012

The London Olympics

I must confess I havent been caught in the Olympics fever gripping London at the moment. To be honest I have done my utmost best to avoid anything Olympic-related. Save the traffic lane restrictions, I havent been impacted by the Games at all. Well, if you discount last Thursday while out shopping on the Kings Road. The road was lined with  shoppers and shop keepers alike. The Olympic torch was coming to west London and passing through. The announcement on  the PA system said |Joana Lumley was going to carry the Olympic torch. What? Joana Lumley in a jogging suit hopping down the Kings Road ? Now that is a sight worth beholding. In all truth, the sight of Joana Lumley doing is anything is worth beholding. I couldnt wait for her though.

Now the Games have started I have watched a few events on television. I wish Team GB the best.