Sunday, November 11, 2007

Religion Chinese Style

The Chinese never seem to have an apology for their repressive style of government. So unabashed are they about the lack of individual freedom in China they even vied for and won the honour of hosting the world for the 2008 Olympics. So the whole universe can come and witness first hand what life is like for ordinary Chinese citizens. The right to individual choice is an inalienable right every human being should enjoy. A right not enjoyed in China today.

I can not comprehend the fact that in 2007 someone could be imprisoned for being in possession of more than one Bible. Yes that is the law in China. What it has to do with the government if a man decides to fill his house with the literary efforts of some ancient chroniclers i fail to fathom.

So i wait in eager anticipation of the conundrum such draconian intrusion would throw up when the world descends on China for the Olympics next year.


I was at my old stomping ground Greenwich on Sunday. Not much has changed in the area. It warms the heart to see the Cutty Sark is being restored to it`s old glory. The ship has always been a notable point of interest in London.

The restoration is being financed by the Lottery Fund and the History Channel and is due for completion early next year.