Friday, March 23, 2007

Fortnightly Rubbish Collections

How does one make sense out of this report that The Department For Rural Affairs and The Envinronment(DEFRA) has given councils the greenlight to start collecting household rubbish once a fortnight as opposed to the present once a week collection.Is this a joke or what?

Given the stratopheric rise in council tax in recent years one would expect the goverment via the councils to aim for better and improved services for taxpayers. I remember moaning to a Greenwich Council councillor while a resident of that borough about the level of my council tax and the return i got for it. Now with this once a forthight collection the tax is going to be even less value for money.

The argument that collecting rubbish once every two weeks would help recycling is as banal as its cynical.As it is, London for all its glory is a lot dirtier than most capitals i have visited.This fact is not lost on many visitors from abroad. So collecting rubbish once a fortnight would only make the city more rubbish-ridden.What is the decency,logic or fairness in hiking up taxes then reducing the value and efficiency of same services for which the taxes are supposed to be meant for.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Chelsea Chelsea

What a joy to behold when Kalou netted the equalizer in today`s FA Cup Quater final against Tottenham Hotspurs.Spurs really came for a fight and we were not in our best shape. Something kept telling me though that we would not lose that game. I was right.
Hey if anyone has a baby boy this season i recommend the tot be christened Frank Didier Kalou. Ok Didier did not score but his well placed header provided the chance for a fantastic volley by Kalou. Plus Drogba`s been simply magic this season.
Did i say before that Essien be kept out of the 18 yard area? That boy is not a defender.When will Jose realize this. Jose should tell him to please stay clear of the box as much as possible. He is a briliant midfielder but his instincts are not of a defender.
Chelsea have shown within the last few days that they are not just a pack of preening overpaid primadonnas but a team that can rise to its feet when close to defeat. We are the Champions for God`s sake.The earlier these clubs realize that the better. I see us beating Spurs 2-1 in the replay.
The Hand And Flower pub on Kensington High Street was the impromptu last minute venue of the match.No regrets however: Charming barmaids;extra cold Kronenbourg 1664 ;Kalou levelling for us barely 5 minutes to go....Wasnt bad at all.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hygiene At The House Of Commons

We now know the reason why some MPs seem comatose during debates and why some seem to suffer from verbal diarrhoea:Possible food poisoning.
Recent inspection of the restaurants in the building revealed serious lapses in food safety standards.

Of all the listed sins,the one that really caught my eyes is sandwiches being sold four days after preparation.Four days? What would you expect from a man who just had a four day old prawn sandwich? Rubbish of course.