Friday, March 23, 2007

Fortnightly Rubbish Collections

How does one make sense out of this report that The Department For Rural Affairs and The Envinronment(DEFRA) has given councils the greenlight to start collecting household rubbish once a fortnight as opposed to the present once a week collection.Is this a joke or what?

Given the stratopheric rise in council tax in recent years one would expect the goverment via the councils to aim for better and improved services for taxpayers. I remember moaning to a Greenwich Council councillor while a resident of that borough about the level of my council tax and the return i got for it. Now with this once a forthight collection the tax is going to be even less value for money.

The argument that collecting rubbish once every two weeks would help recycling is as banal as its cynical.As it is, London for all its glory is a lot dirtier than most capitals i have visited.This fact is not lost on many visitors from abroad. So collecting rubbish once a fortnight would only make the city more rubbish-ridden.What is the decency,logic or fairness in hiking up taxes then reducing the value and efficiency of same services for which the taxes are supposed to be meant for.

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