Wednesday, September 20, 2006

London Fashion Week:Paul Smith On Thin Models

The London Fashion Week is underway and observers are waiting to see if the organisers would take a cue from their Spanish counterparts and ban uber-thin models from appearing in the show would have to wait a little longer.The usual suspects were on parade at the Paul Smith shows and others like BIBA: Those whose BMI would make the health police cringe.

Whats is peculiar about the Paul Smith show is the fact that his sartorial eminence Sir Paul had these stick-like girls strutting their stuff in his robes yet was talking about something needing to be done to fight the waif-is best notion in fashion.Talking about eating your cake and having it .

Saturday, September 16, 2006

BAA Advice On Travelling And Shopping At The Airport

To speed your up your journey through the airport, here are some useful tips on regarding what you can take through security, what you can buy in the departure lounge, and what you can take on to the plane.

What you can take through security
One piece of luggage that measures no more than 45cm x 35cm x 16cm.Certain restrictions apply regarding the contents of this luggage , please refer to for more details.

What you can buy in the departure lounge.
You can shop as usual, and take advantage of the wide selection of famous brands and great restaurants in the departure lounge.

What you can take on to the plane.
You can take everything you purchased in the departure lounge on to the plane with you, in addition to your one piece of luggage, unless you are travelling to the USA.

If you are travelling to the USA.
The only restriction after security is that you are unable to take liquids and the gels on to the plane .End

That is what the situation is as of today.However its been in the media that these restrictions will be eased sooner than later.What to make of this news i dont really know.With the likes of Ryanair threatening to take baa to court regarding the present situation, one would not be too off the mark to think this might just be a move to stall such court actions.Plus the fact that the idea would placate an ever increasing public angst.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Madrid Fashion Week And Thin Models

We learned earlier in the week that the organisers of the Madrid Fashion Week ,the premier fashion event showcasing the best of Spanish fashion design have refused to let any super-thin model take part in the show.The matter revolves around what is accepted as a normal weight for a healthy individual.According to them any model with a less than 18 body mass index(BMI) should keep walking .....dont bother turn up.

BMI?The fashion world is not really known for being erudite or concerned about anything besides what colour is in this season or who the next supermodel is.So such high falluting terms like BMI must be news to most in the industry.Lets face it its news to most of us as well.BMI is the proportion of body weight to height .It is calculated by multiplying your height then divide that by your weight.The United Nations recommend a BMI 0f between 18.5 to 25.That means any individual with BMI below or above this range needs medical attention.Er er maybe not quite but more or less.

So models like Kate Moss would not qualify to appear in the show because her BMI is not up to 18.I remember seeing a caption on a t-shirt somewhere last summer that read`feed kate moss`.How quaint.

There are however serious issues attached to this seemingly trivial affair.One is the human right/discrimination issue.Banned models may argue that they are being unjustly discriminated against.Another is the health concerns.By making this move, the Madrid fashion Week even though seemed to be acting under pressure from the government have brought into focus health issues like bulimia,its causes and its perception among young people especially impressionable young females.

By banning super-thin models from the show they are telling the world that you do not have to be thin to the point of being unhealhty to be deemed beautiful.A lot of young people put their health at risk to look like the thin models they see strutting the catwalk.

I hear James Blunt singing `You are beautiful`.Now where is that scale.I hope my BMI is not over 25.Must stop visiting that buffet in Shepherds Bush.I know for sure its not under 18.5.Whats yours?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Group Mortgages

First time buyers are being offered group mortgages by mortgage lenders.This is quite understandable given the rising cost of properties these days.The main issue here is the deposit needed to acquire a decent mortgage deal with any of the main- stream lenders.The average price of a property is now said to be £200,000 which is 8 times the average salary. So two or more people might pull resources together and apply for a joint mortgage.This might seem like a good idea at the start but anyone who has ever had a fall-out with a business partner or been through a divorce will know how unpalatable such matters can turn out.

HSBC said thier lending on such mortgages is up 50% on last year.This means people are signing up .Like everything else caveat emptor.
Blair On The Ropes

While The Sun got a leak about Tony`s plan to leave office,the `Tony Must Go` train was steaming towards Downing Street in full speed.Letters were being written,resignation seemed the order of the day-7 in total ,high powered meetings(slanging matches ) were held time and time again and finally we seem to know where things are heading.The Prime Minister we were told offered to leave within the next twelve months but the hawks were not having it.

Trying not to sound like a man under such intense pressure Tony Blair spoke to journalists today The Prime Minister told reporters this year`s conference would be his last as leader and that the Party should realize that the general public were not just by-standers in this issue of who their Prime Minister was .I wonder what we are to make of this .Was he just making a jibe at the backbenchers , reminding them that he was elected not by them but by the the voting public or was he looking for public sympathy and support?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Prime Minister Announces Departure Date

Tony Blair today revealed through The Sun that he would be leaving office next May.Some might treat this news with the utmost apathy while some other more cynical people might say good riddance to bad rubbish.One thing is clear though, not only has the Prime Minister made a lot of enemies over the years, he undoubtedly has lost a lot of respect and credibility. Both within the parliamentary labour party-especially the backbenches and within the party grassroots.As for the general public i think a large number cant help but wonder what exactly Tony is all about.A government characterised by spin,half truths,distorted facts and blatant lies.This Machiavellian approach to democracy is sadly what most would associate with a leader who otherwise would be a beacon for modern day democracy.What a shame!

The question now is, was the Prime Minister finally pushed to the wall by the hawks in the labour party who want him to set and announce a day to leave office or did he make these decisions on his own terms.

Now we hear some are saying they would like a leadership contest and not an automatic coronation for Gordon Brown.I wonder what Gordon Brown and his entourage would say about this.I think there might be trouble ahead for the Labour party.They have some thinking to do in the coming months.