Saturday, September 16, 2006

BAA Advice On Travelling And Shopping At The Airport

To speed your up your journey through the airport, here are some useful tips on regarding what you can take through security, what you can buy in the departure lounge, and what you can take on to the plane.

What you can take through security
One piece of luggage that measures no more than 45cm x 35cm x 16cm.Certain restrictions apply regarding the contents of this luggage , please refer to for more details.

What you can buy in the departure lounge.
You can shop as usual, and take advantage of the wide selection of famous brands and great restaurants in the departure lounge.

What you can take on to the plane.
You can take everything you purchased in the departure lounge on to the plane with you, in addition to your one piece of luggage, unless you are travelling to the USA.

If you are travelling to the USA.
The only restriction after security is that you are unable to take liquids and the gels on to the plane .End

That is what the situation is as of today.However its been in the media that these restrictions will be eased sooner than later.What to make of this news i dont really know.With the likes of Ryanair threatening to take baa to court regarding the present situation, one would not be too off the mark to think this might just be a move to stall such court actions.Plus the fact that the idea would placate an ever increasing public angst.

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