Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blair On The Ropes

While The Sun got a leak about Tony`s plan to leave office,the `Tony Must Go` train was steaming towards Downing Street in full speed.Letters were being written,resignation seemed the order of the day-7 in total ,high powered meetings(slanging matches ) were held time and time again and finally we seem to know where things are heading.The Prime Minister we were told offered to leave within the next twelve months but the hawks were not having it.

Trying not to sound like a man under such intense pressure Tony Blair spoke to journalists today The Prime Minister told reporters this year`s conference would be his last as leader and that the Party should realize that the general public were not just by-standers in this issue of who their Prime Minister was .I wonder what we are to make of this .Was he just making a jibe at the backbenchers , reminding them that he was elected not by them but by the the voting public or was he looking for public sympathy and support?

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