Saturday, September 06, 2008

East vs West:You Cant Have Billic

A new battle is brewing between the East and the West. Forget the South Ossetia -Russia imbroglio . This one here has wider dimensions.I kid you not. It all has to do with West Ham United`s quest for a replacement for dismissed coach Alan Curbishley. Such a genial character,why he left Charlton a couple of seasons ago is still a mystery. Anyhow, there has been talk that Slaven Billic,a former West Ham player and present national coach of Croatia is one of the names being considered for the post. A brilliant and charismatic coach i must add. So no surprises why fans want him for the job.

This has drawn a serious response from high up in the echelon of power in Zagreb. No other than the President himself has taken up arms against such a move. President Vlatko Markovic said `Billic can`t go because there will be a big political problem with Croatia.`

Big political problem with Croatia ? Like diplomats being summoned to explain London`s position on the issue? Embassies shut down? Un Security Council motions tabled ?

He went on to say `It will be mission impossible. They might have money,but so do we and the Croatian FA has enough money to buy West Ham.`

Such an angry President indeed. Wonder if our Prime Minister would ever get involved in such matters. Most probably not and definitely not in those terms. I see,however ,President Markovic`s popularity rating going into stratosphere among footbal crazy Croats and nationalists alike. Not to talk of putting paid to any underhand moves by West Ham to tempt Billic to Upton Park.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

£50m In 4 Months To Keep Precious Paintings Here

I woke up to the news today that two precious paintings by Titian(Diana & Acteon and Diana & Callisto) loaned to the National Galleries of Scotland by Lord Sutherland since 1945 could at best be lost as a national treasure or at worst be sold abroad. A scenario neither of which bodes well for anyone remotely interested in art.

I just came back from Scotland and one of the highlights of my stay there was my visit to the National Galleries where i saw the Tracy Emin:20 Years exhibition and among others the Bridgewater Collection featuring impressive names like Raphael, Poussin and Rembrandt and of course Titian. I must confess i found Diana & Acteon a very stunning piece. Such a brilliant painting should not be allowed to be out of public view without every reasonable effort being made to secure it.

I suppose there must be a way to keep the painting if the will is strong enough.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Eloquence Personified

Hillary Clinton`s speech at the on going Democratic National Convention was much anticipated and awaited. Would she declare undying support for Obama ? Urge her supporters to rally round him ? And did she deliver a speech of a lifetime?

I personallly was not as impressed by the contents of her speech as much as i was with the style of it. I was captivated by her power of delivery and eloquence. There was a marked difference from most of her speeches during the battle with Obama for the nomination. She was relaxed and in her element.Old Bill was there grinning from ear to ear, applauding every phrase succintly put. I suspect Hilary`s performance might have gone a long way in thawing the ice that exists between the ex president and Obama`s camp. So we wait for his speech. These are very crucial times for Barrack Obama. A Bill Clinton genuine and heartfelt public endorsement could be priceless.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

London Mayor: Day Of Truth

Today is the day the long drawn out battle for the post of the Mayor of London comes to a conclusion. All indications are that the London media would have their wish and Boris will take the seat. But then pigs might fly and old Ken stays put. Just dont bet the mortgage on that. Even Ken seems resigned to losing the election.

Chelsea In Champions League Final

I was in one of my old jaunts on the King`s Road to see last night`s semi-final of the European Champions League between Chelsea and Liverpool. What a game. I havent been that much excited by a match in a long while. Even partook in some Chelsea chants , most of which i`d rather not repeat here. We won. Deservedly so. Chelsea showed more hunger and desire. Drogba was relentless as Essien was industrious, Lampard was resolute and composed dispatching the penalty kick that gave us the lead with utmost precision. If the dead do see us living im sure his recently deceased mum,Pat would have been proud of him. Matter of fact each and every Chelsea player stood up when it mattered.
Everytime the camera beamed Sir Alex Ferguson`s face the whole place erupted with chants of `who are you`? I think the psychological advantage lies with Chelsea in the final against Manchester United in Moscow. Why? Simply because we beat them in our last encounter with them. A game we totally dominated and was unlucky to gift them a goal due to lack of concentration. Having said that you know what they say about footballl being unlike mathematics. I am, however, optimistic that we stand a good, nay, a very good chance of bringing the Champions League Cup to Stamford Bridge from Russia. Blue is the colour!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

World Economic Forum:The Davos Question

This year`s World Economic Forum starts this week in Davos Switzerland. The Davos question this year is what do we think governments,companies and individuals must do to make the world a better place in 2008. Video answers can be posted here. The most highly rated videos will be screened at the conference.

The focus of this year`s meeting are the issues of climate and terrorism. Nothing new there i suppose.