Thursday, May 01, 2008

Chelsea In Champions League Final

I was in one of my old jaunts on the King`s Road to see last night`s semi-final of the European Champions League between Chelsea and Liverpool. What a game. I havent been that much excited by a match in a long while. Even partook in some Chelsea chants , most of which i`d rather not repeat here. We won. Deservedly so. Chelsea showed more hunger and desire. Drogba was relentless as Essien was industrious, Lampard was resolute and composed dispatching the penalty kick that gave us the lead with utmost precision. If the dead do see us living im sure his recently deceased mum,Pat would have been proud of him. Matter of fact each and every Chelsea player stood up when it mattered.
Everytime the camera beamed Sir Alex Ferguson`s face the whole place erupted with chants of `who are you`? I think the psychological advantage lies with Chelsea in the final against Manchester United in Moscow. Why? Simply because we beat them in our last encounter with them. A game we totally dominated and was unlucky to gift them a goal due to lack of concentration. Having said that you know what they say about footballl being unlike mathematics. I am, however, optimistic that we stand a good, nay, a very good chance of bringing the Champions League Cup to Stamford Bridge from Russia. Blue is the colour!

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