Thursday, August 28, 2008

£50m In 4 Months To Keep Precious Paintings Here

I woke up to the news today that two precious paintings by Titian(Diana & Acteon and Diana & Callisto) loaned to the National Galleries of Scotland by Lord Sutherland since 1945 could at best be lost as a national treasure or at worst be sold abroad. A scenario neither of which bodes well for anyone remotely interested in art.

I just came back from Scotland and one of the highlights of my stay there was my visit to the National Galleries where i saw the Tracy Emin:20 Years exhibition and among others the Bridgewater Collection featuring impressive names like Raphael, Poussin and Rembrandt and of course Titian. I must confess i found Diana & Acteon a very stunning piece. Such a brilliant painting should not be allowed to be out of public view without every reasonable effort being made to secure it.

I suppose there must be a way to keep the painting if the will is strong enough.

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