Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Prime Minister Announces Departure Date

Tony Blair today revealed through The Sun that he would be leaving office next May.Some might treat this news with the utmost apathy while some other more cynical people might say good riddance to bad rubbish.One thing is clear though, not only has the Prime Minister made a lot of enemies over the years, he undoubtedly has lost a lot of respect and credibility. Both within the parliamentary labour party-especially the backbenches and within the party grassroots.As for the general public i think a large number cant help but wonder what exactly Tony is all about.A government characterised by spin,half truths,distorted facts and blatant lies.This Machiavellian approach to democracy is sadly what most would associate with a leader who otherwise would be a beacon for modern day democracy.What a shame!

The question now is, was the Prime Minister finally pushed to the wall by the hawks in the labour party who want him to set and announce a day to leave office or did he make these decisions on his own terms.

Now we hear some are saying they would like a leadership contest and not an automatic coronation for Gordon Brown.I wonder what Gordon Brown and his entourage would say about this.I think there might be trouble ahead for the Labour party.They have some thinking to do in the coming months.

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