Sunday, March 11, 2007

Chelsea Chelsea

What a joy to behold when Kalou netted the equalizer in today`s FA Cup Quater final against Tottenham Hotspurs.Spurs really came for a fight and we were not in our best shape. Something kept telling me though that we would not lose that game. I was right.
Hey if anyone has a baby boy this season i recommend the tot be christened Frank Didier Kalou. Ok Didier did not score but his well placed header provided the chance for a fantastic volley by Kalou. Plus Drogba`s been simply magic this season.
Did i say before that Essien be kept out of the 18 yard area? That boy is not a defender.When will Jose realize this. Jose should tell him to please stay clear of the box as much as possible. He is a briliant midfielder but his instincts are not of a defender.
Chelsea have shown within the last few days that they are not just a pack of preening overpaid primadonnas but a team that can rise to its feet when close to defeat. We are the Champions for God`s sake.The earlier these clubs realize that the better. I see us beating Spurs 2-1 in the replay.
The Hand And Flower pub on Kensington High Street was the impromptu last minute venue of the match.No regrets however: Charming barmaids;extra cold Kronenbourg 1664 ;Kalou levelling for us barely 5 minutes to go....Wasnt bad at all.

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