Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sol Kerzner:Cat That Got The Cream

To say that most expected the super Casino bid to be awarded to the Millennium Dome would be a waste of breath. A respected blogger even said on his blog early on that day just before the bid was announced that he was so sure the Phillip Anschutz led consortium had the contract in the bag and if it transpired otherwise then he was a Dutch man. He's probably changed his name to Van Wrong by now.Can't be that bad being Dutch though. At least he gets to eat some decent cheese and visit cafes and bars that serve something a wee stronger than your average latte here.If he is of that persuasion that is.

Anyhow, now the dust has settled over the issue a peculiar fact has emerged.The London bid was headed by the joint team of Phillip Anschutz and Sol Kerzner(pictured above with ex-model wife Heather. Kerzner is a household name in luxury resorts and hotels. Nothing extra ordinary in that. What is interesting is that Mr Kerzner was not putting all his eggs in the same basket. While being a part of the London bid , he also aligned himself with Manchester. The rest is
history. Depending on your point of view Kerzner is either risk averse therefore not a betting man or a seasoned chancer on top of his game. Was he simply hedging his bets by spreading the odds?

No matter what conclusion one comes to there is only one unassailable fact:Sol Kerzner is the cat that got the cream.

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