Friday, May 11, 2007

The Blair Exit

The worst kept secret was officially out in the public realm yesterday. Of course it's the resignation of Tony Blair. Foes and friends alike have since been passing comments and holding up score cards. Its hard to score the Prime Minister less than 5 in all fairness.Which invariably means that even though he has not performed with distinction(vaguely admitted to and subtly blamed on `too high expectation` in his valedictory speech),Tony Blair passed.Without an iota of a doubt the Iraqi invasion and most poignantly his earthshaking performance in the House of Commons re the `45 minutes` claim proved to be damaging to his legacy.

The world is a stage and we are all actors. Anthony Blair has played his part as the
British Prime Minister for the past ten years and its fitting he bows out. I personally think it's no where near the end of the road for him.If anything it is the beginning. He has a lot on his side. How much would these multinationals pay to watch his accomplished theatrics and listen to his soundbites? Ok let the bidding start now. 250k.Anyone?

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