Monday, October 01, 2007

Moment Of Truth Near For David Cameron?

The opinion polls have David Cameron dead and buried if Gordon Brown were to call the general election. Seems a lightyear away from the situation a couple of weeks ago when the Brown bounce lost considerable ounces and Cameron went on the rise. The Conservative leader sounded hollow yesterday delivering his speech at the party conference. Looking a bit worse for wear he revealed a raft of new policies. Now we know the conservatives would abolish stamp duty for first time buyers and raise the threshold for inheritance tax. Good. But would these new sweeteners be enough to stem the slide of support for Cameron and the conservatives?

Like someone remarked Cameron calling on the prime minister to bring the electoral fight on now is akin to a deathrow detainee clamouring for the executioner. That is a strong way of puttting it. Thought the Blair knockout prediction was scary enough. Only a divine intervention can save the Tory leader from this fate. Going by recent polls that is.

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