Thursday, November 10, 2011

Silvio Berlusconi Agrees To Go

 As expected, Berlusconi has agreed to go. The old fox failed to gain a majority backing in the lower house and was left with no choice but to throw in the towel. One battle too many for a man who has survived 50 votes of no confidence.

Mr Berlusconi agreed to go as soon as a new goverment is in place to carry out the reforms needed to see Italy through the economic malaise it faces at the moment. As things are it seems the country is going to be be governed by a coalition of  parties and technocrats. At least till elections are held and proper goverment established.

There are reports that one of Mr Berlusconi`s favourite amores, Franscesca Pascale was spotted driving into his Rome residential palace the night before the fatal vote and was seen leaving in the early hours of the morning. I say good on you Silvio. A man needs all the support he can get at such troubled times as these. Besides what are friends for?  Once all this tak of new goverment is done with, the old man can have his time and privacy to himself. Bunga Bunga party and all that without fear or favour.

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