Saturday, February 11, 2012


This year of course marks the 60th year of the Queen`s ascension to the throne after the death of her father  George VI. A cause for celebration. Until lately, the two other  major events happening in  London this year have over shadowed this remarkable milestone in Queen Elisabeth reign.. Im talking about the Mayoral elections and the Olympics.

But now Buckingham Palace have finally got round to  letting the world know about the big occasion. That said, I think they still  need to give a little more publicity to the festivities. We know there are various events lined up in connection with the celebration. The grand party however  is the Queen`s cruise on the Thames accompanied by a flotilla of  vessels. I hope to be on one of those. Why not? You get to revel on the Thames and be part of history at the same time. The Buckingham Palace website has loads of information about the various events planned for the celebration.

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