Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Naomi Campbell

The Naomi Campbell saga reached another landmark today.The model pleaded guilty to assaulting her former assistant,Ana Scolavino.She apparently hurled her Blackberry at the assistant injuring her skull.Surprisingly all she got was a meagre fine and community service.
These so called super-models need to come down from their dreamland and live in the real world.A number of them seem to live in a different universe from all of us .I read a piece in which Kate Moss went to a NO-Smoking venue but lit up and when this was pointed out to her by one of the staff there she said`F... off,do you know who i am ?` Imagine that.The poor soul should have told her`Yes ,i know who you are,that girl who someone designs a dress ,gives it to her to wear and walk down a platform`. What else is she? Naomi`s tantrums and outrages are well documented.To date Naomi is to court trouble.To work for her you`d better be fast and know how to duck.Miss Campbell shoud realise a Blackberry is meant for calls and e-mails and not performing surgery on craniums.

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