Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sloanes Square Up

A storm is brewing in the Royal Borough Of Kensington & Chelsea. The council wants to redesign a notable part of the borough-Sloane Square but residents are not happy with the new design for the Square. As a stakeholder and a frequent visitor to Sloane Square i thought i should add my voice to the dissent.

Basically the council wants to expand the pavements and turn the Square into a multi-lane crossroads at a cost of £6 million. Why? The money even though mainly coming from Transport for London,is still taxpayers` money and could be better spent on other pressing public needs. The visage of the Square as intended by the council one can not even bear imagining. Think a mini Spaghetti junction.

A more sensible alternative design is being proposed by Save Sloane Square -a group formed expressly to fight the council`s proposed designs for the square.

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