Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ana Paula Oliveira

Well that name most probabbly would not ring a bell.But remember where you heard it first. It belongs to a rare gem of a lady- a female footbal official. She is a notable linewswoman in Brazil. One of a few of her ilk there. Now Miss Oliveira is said to be appearing in the next issue of Playboy desnuda.

Some opine this might harm her career and ambitions as a referee but Miss Oliveira begs to differ. Matter of fact she has hopes of refereeing at the world Cup in the near future.The Brazilian Football Confederation has made it known it has no reservations about the lineswoman`s impending er er exposure. So Paula`s world Cup dream is still alive.

Can`t imagine the chants from leery fans anytime Miss Paula gives a decision. Especially to their team`s disadvantage.I think we need a Paula in the Premiership.

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