Saturday, June 23, 2007

Gordon Brown`s Cabinet

Nice guy Gordon eh? We now know our Prime Minister-in-waiting has been busy putting a team together for his government.What with the Northern Ireland job being offered to old Paddy. Shame though that he had to turn it down. I do comprehend why such a cross-party alliance(for that is what essentialy it is) would at best be cumbersome and at worst unworkable. Given for example the fundamental differences between Labour and the Liberals on matters such as the iraqi conflict. Not to mention the potential intra party rancour such appointments might bring about.

Cynics already point to Brown's broad based inclusive approach as just a masterstroke to weaken or break opposition when he eventually takes over in No10.I do not subscribe to that view at all. This is just the Chancellor trying to put together a team he believes he can work with and more relevantly up to the task.Not even the most cynical of cynics would question Ashdowns`s pedigree for such a position as he was offered.

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