Tuesday, December 13, 2011

EURO Bill Veto

It was Harold Wilson who said a week is a long time in politics. What a truism its proved to be over the years. Barely two months ago David Cameron and Nicholas Sarkozy were on first name terms now the bonhomie has turned sour. I actually heard  Cameron refer to Sarkozy as Nicolas in a speech he gave sometime in October. Odd I thought. Normally we hear leaders addressing fellow leaders by their appellation. But it was hard not to notice Sarkozy blanking out Cameron last week in Brussels. We saw this video of Cameron walking towards the French President, who promptly cold shouldered him. Fair game to Cameron who behaved more dignified and lightly tapped Nicolas Sarkozy on the shoulder and went on his way. We all have friends like that. You know the kind of friend that thinks you are the best thing since slice bread as long as you agree with his opinions or wishes and help in fulfilling his needs. Once your wishes and opinions are at variance with his,  you are undesirable. He blanks you out.

However that there are no permanent friends or enemies in international politics or any level at any level of politics for that matter. The existence of our present government is a testimony to that There are only national interests. So Mr Sarkozy can sulk all he likes for now. Personally I'm not for or against Cameron vetoing the EU proposal. There are pros and cons to the argument. What the country needs is a simplified details of what the issue is, what impact such proposals might have on Britain and why we cannot accede to it. The Prime Minister has to get the message across to the British people himself. Not in a condescending or patronising manner but like I said in a simplified but detailed manner. Then and only then can we be in the best position to decipher whether he made the right call or not.

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