Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why do people entrusted with our money like to make silly decisions, then make it seem like they are doing us a favour? A couple of years ago the famous Routemaster buses could be seen gliding through the streets of London. An icon of the city. Globally recognised just like the celebrated red phone box. Then some smart alec decided the buses were to be pulled off the streets. Citing health and safety among other spurious reasons why we were better off without the eponymous buses. Now the buses have been  reinvented and reintroduced on our roads. At a whopping bill of £7.8 million for 5 units. Mathematics has never been my forte but I reckon that comes in at about £1.3m per bus. What a wind up.

Boris Johnson was in his most ebullient element yesterday while introducing us to our new expensive run around toy. Informing us how our lives will suddenly turn brighter, glamorous and our bank balances as lush as the rainforest  by catching a glimpse of the new Routemaster on our streets. Well not exactly in those words but something pretty akin to that.  I think all they needed to do was refit the old stock. Add new features like eco- friendly engines for example.

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