Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year Resolution

Before anything, I`d like to wish readers of this blog a happy new year. A purposeful and remarkable year may it be for all and sundry. Its of course the time of the year we tend to do an inventory of our lives. Asking ourselves what works what us and what doesnt. What to do more or less of. Im talking about new year resolutions. Some of us persevere for a couple of months and revert to our old ways, some stick at it a bit longer and some do actually keep to their vows. This year I promise myself to be more health conscious. I will be updating my LA  Fitness membership for the year and make it a duty to be there at least twice a week. So whatever you vow to change or do this year, do give a good go.

We look forward to two major events in London this year. The first is the mayoral election and the other is the  Olympic Games.But not impressed by the fact that the race is between the usual suspects.  Boring if you ask me. Boris Johnson will be staking his claim for a second term and Ken  Livingstone trying to claim back what he assumes to be his rightful throne. I personally think Boris is justified in going for a second stint at City Hall. Why Ken Livingstone is in the race I dont understand. How many tmes has he been at the helm of affairs at City Hall? Doesnt the man get tired of running the city? I predicted Boris Johnson`s victory last time around. I think he will be returned to City Hall. Put some money on that f you are a betting person.

Come summer and the spotlight is on London as host of the 2012 Olympic Games. The planning got off to a shaky start but found its feet as time went on and everything seems to be in place for a memorable showpiece. The Games have already brought some remarkable benefits to the city. A large swathe of East London has seen tremendous re-generation. as part of the preparation for the Games. London surely will prove its claim as a world class city.

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