Friday, November 17, 2006


Was watching The Prime Minister address journalists earlier this week and he was in such a fiery mood i thought wow .There was a point he shot a journalist [who kept prodding him] a stern , piercing and menacing look that said `Thats it. Lets take this outside you so and so`. He could as well have because what he said and the tone he said it was filled with venom. He said something like `Do you mind? Thats all i am saying on the matter`.
Then came midweek and the Queen`s speech.Responding to the speech,Tony Bair let rip on David Cameron saying`The next election , it will be a flyweight versus a heavyweight, and however much he may dance around the ring before times, at some point he will come within the reach of a big clunking fist.He will be carried out........` What a fighting talk.
It begs the question what is happening to the Prime Minister? Ok this is just an allegory but the choice of such violence to depict what in his view will be the result of the next general elections and the ealier incident in the week is quite remarkable.Could it be he just stumbled on a copy of Scarface in which Al Pacino played a shoot-them -down -no- nonsense character called er er Tony.

Since our Tony is the most talented actor moonlighting as Prime Minister i see a successful career in hollywood beckoning.Afterall Arnold Swazernegger offered him a part in Terminator 4. How else can he show his hard-man credentials?

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