Monday, November 27, 2006

London2012 Olympics Budget Muddle

What is it with us and planning a project, delivering it on time and on budget?.Cue The Millenium dome,Wembley Stadium,NHS Information Technology infrastructure and many others.Now a week barely passes without ramblings from the seemingly clueless people charged with delivering such showcase event as the Olympics. No one seems to know what exactly is happening regarding a host of issues connected to the project.The Olympics Minister Tessa Jowel admitted that she has no idea.The certainty is that the Games would cost Londoners more. Considerably more! The original budget for the extravanga was something like £2.4b but now a sum of £3.3b is being mouthed. Analysts reckon we should make that £5b.Sighs.

Highly commendable of Vince Cable,Liberal Democrats Shadow Chancellor to put down a list of parliamentary questions regarding the issue.

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