Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sex Appeal

Recent Polls show David Cameron is ahead of Gordon Brown in the sex appeal stakes.The Times/Populus show that women backed Cameron by 42% to 32% over Brown.Well no surprises there ,the dude is younger for heaven`s sake.No matter how you want to couch it Cameron is a hip Notting Hill uber-yuppie. An attribute that could not have been lost on the women populace. Remember comparing John Major and Blair in those days.I rest my case.
Only William Hague bucked the trend. He never swayed the female votes(well the male too) even though he is younger than Tony Blair.Ever heard of the oldest young man?

Still on the sex appeal issue, but now closer to home. I thought it was only me then i found a lot of people think so too.What am i talking about? Helen Mirren.Thats what.I hear she has just been voted the sexiest woman over 60.To be honest i do not know who conducted the vote or where but hey i dont care.That woman`s been making my heart skip a beat for decades.I careless if Helen Mirren is as old as Methuselah ,i sure would like to spend some time with her.Now did i really say that ? Kind of sad but hey i can`t lie.

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