Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Clinton On War Path

Clinton seemed primed for this interview.Poor dude was just doing his employer`s bidding as pointed out by the former President. I think Clinton came out in a passionate,upfront and somewhat impressive light than the people at Fox might have envisaged. Though some say he lost his rags and bla bla bla. We see through his responses the inner workings of Capitol Hill.The various efforts made to neutralize Osama.Candid, passionate he was.Ruffled yeah,probably but measured.The allegation that he did not deal with the threat poised by Osama is a grave one.The upshot being he was negligent in nipping a growing menace in the bud,a menace which then grew to such level and might to inflict such carnage on America and Americans as witnessed on 9/11.We all know how high Osama rated on Dubya`s list.As Clinton said at least he tried , but what did the Bush administration do between the time he(Clinton)left office and the attacks?

I go a bit further, what has the administration done about Osama between the time Clinton left office and now.Nada,zilch,.Yeah that is right,nothing.Well, more or less. A man commits such attrocities against Americans , on American soil and 5 years on he is still breathing God`s air,honing his skills as a video director.Yet we have the American President beating his chests everyday,delivering speeches written by ideologues who, mostly need to have their heads checked.Mr Bush is on a trophy hunt and the prize is that vermin Saddam Hussein , so he had and has not much time for Osama.Personally, i do not dabble into the Iraqi issue anymore.Suffice to say i hold my nose anytime the American invasion of the country comes up.

I think a large swathe of America feel the same as i do and today they will make this known by voting en masse against the Republicans in the midterm elections.The Reps are set to lose the House of Represantives and would be very fortunate indeed to hold the Senate.

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