Wednesday, December 06, 2006

David Cameron: A Year On

David Cameron took over the realm of affairs at the Conservative Party a year this week. His job was cut out for him. He inherited a party left defeated,divided and moribund. The Conservatives failed to capitalize on the general disapproval of Tony Blair resulting, from among other things the Iraqi imbroglio. So Cameron was beset with reviving the party,aggregating and accomomodating the diverse views and personalities in the party and forging a way forward. All gravely important for the party to pose any damaging threat to Labour.

Has Cameron been able to pull these off? The jury is out on this. Time will eventually reveal.However to answer the question using the past 12 months as parameter it is quite right to say he still has a lot to do. Ok the Conservatives are no doubt in a better state they were say after the last general election when it seemed they were going to go the way of the dinosaurs.

Again under Cameron,they made massive gains in this May`s local elections.Gains if repeated nationwide would see them leaving Labour in a cloud of dust.But that was then.

Now,the steam has gone out of the Central Office engine. The speeches are getting blander if not inane,the so called core conservatives(mainly geriatric farts,pseudo bigots and deluded dogmatists who need to get out a bit more) want their party back and the media being the kind of bedfellows they are, are packing their bags and deserting the bride. Honeymoon over!Welcome to reality Dave! Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

The decision to out- Blair Blair is ridiculous and banal.Cameron has made a fatal error in thinking that by blurring the lines between himself and Blair {and invariably between the Conservatives and Labour} would be gainful.No. This is off putting and of course un-productive.
There are no well defined,appealling policies being offered to us as alternatives to Labour and Tony Blair. Matter of fact the Conservatives are trailing Labour in the polls.This despite widespread disillusionment with Tony Blair.

So on the whole there is still a lot of work for David Cameron to do to avoid that "big clunking fist" and being "on his feet,carried out of the ring".A word for the wise.

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