Sunday, December 17, 2006

Leos Are The Best Drivers

A recently conducted study of over 100,000 car drivers in North America has revealed that those born under the zodiac sign of Leo top the list when it comes to avoiding car crashes.The study throws up more intriguing questions though,for example,does it mean er er less women are Leos?

Every occasion i have been involved in a driving incident the other driver has been a woman. From the minor sprang to the total write off. Take this one couple of years ago.It was in the early hours of the day on a friday,stopped and waiting at the traffic lights,all a sudden bang,i was shunted from there to eternity by the car behind. Now that would have been understandable if i made an abrupt stop and the driver didn't have enough time to stop so unavoidably bumped into me. No,we were parked waiting for the lights to change. Thought i was dreaming. Jumped out of the car , ran to the rear,had a glance and pointed to the kerb....pull up.Ran back in the car and the lights changed,pulled up and she did same.Got out to have a good look but all was fine. Save for a slight paint scratch which some oiling fixed. She apologised profusely. Was she sleeping?

Then there was the School headmistress who had to go to her son`s house,pick her daughter-in-law,dash to the grandson`s school and drop mummy and son back home then get back to her school in time for some important reason.I was just joining the narrow road she was on with cars parked on either side when we came head to head,i stopped but she was just coming full steam ahead,her reaction was almost non-existent,even when i tried to swerve a little from her she followed me like a laser guided missile.The upshot is that there were no fatalities,daughter-in-law had whiplash and my car had a 2 grand repair bill.According to her that was her second accident in one and a half years.

However i used to know a girl, back in Uni days who could drive while having a face to face conversation with people seating at the back.

Some Glaswegian lady name Morag recently bragged to me she could reverse-park while putting on her mascara.Now beat that for know-how.

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