Saturday, December 09, 2006

Heathrow Gets Third Runway

Plans for a third runway at Heathrow airport are expected to get the nod from the Government in a matter of days. A new runway at Heathrow ? With all these talk about global warming,green house effect,the ozone layer,saving the environment and what have you? The dust is just settling on the brouhaha occasioned by the addition of a new terminal to the airport. I see the the Green army going into a frenzy on this one. Local stakeholders (Future Heathrow representing those who support the project and NOTRAG ,representing those against it) are already at each other`s throats over the proposal.

Isn`t this sending conflicting signals and messages. On one hand the government is saying it is concerned with the polluting effects of aviation yet it is building more runways. Personally i do not subscribe to that view that the world is in danger of extinction due to climate change. Yes,things may change due to the way we live now or due to any other factors.Some of the chages might be catastrophic but i am sure life will go on somehow. Living beings adapt. Some better than others.

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