Thursday, December 21, 2006

Trump Forgives Miss America

Christmas is a season of goodwill , love, regeneration and forgiveness. So how fitting for Donald Trump to give the reigning Miss America Tara Conner a second chance this week.Trump,who owns the pageant had to take action when all efforts to curb Tara`s indulgences were to no avail. According to reports her antics were fast becoming legendary: hard drinking, cocaine abuse and dalliances with various suitors. Umm some lucky suitors indeed.

Miss Conner , you see forgot that with fame comes responsibility. Miss America is and should be a role model to young girls and such behaviour as displayed by Tara Conner runs counter to this ideal.Now that Trump has decided not to strip her of the title and arranged for her to attend rehab lets hope the queen learns her lessons and behave accordingly.

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