Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ballack, Chevchenko Break Duck

What a momentous and eventful fortnight it has been for Chelsea FC. Started with the drama at the Reading game.Having the two goal-keepers severely injured , then having to call in third choice goal-keeper Hilario for a match against possibly the most complete team in Europe at the moment.He was not only impressive but played his role in defeating Barcelona and putting us in the driving seat for the return macth.

Then came last week-end`s encounter with Portsmouth.We all know that a meeting with Portsmouth this season is always going to be a tricky affair.Harry Redknap is doing a good job with his army of veterans most of whom have been household names in bigger clubs and quite experienced.However the story of the day is the glorious fact that Chevchenko and Ballack registered their names on the Premiership scorers` list.God knows they needed that.Even though both were booked for excessive celebration i think the cards were well earned .They needed to celebrate.I always wanted Chevchenko to come to Chelsea for a long time .Maybe three to four years ago.I always fantasised Chelsea playing Chevchenko just in front of another player after my heart-Paved Nedved.No doubt about it Chevchenko is a class act. Quality does not get any higher than that.I hope now that he has broken the duck, we get to see what stuff he is really made of.

So you see how notable the past two weeks have been for the club? I wish Jose Mourinho will go easy on this conspiracy against Chelsea trip. I like him and i think he is good at his job but when he adduces everything that doesnt favour Chelsea to some conspiracies against the club, he belittles himself and the club. I noticed he complained about the cards given to Ballack and Chevchenko on Saturday for excessive celebration.He compared that to what happened at the Arsenal match where Fabregas , i think, did the same and wasn`t booked.Well Jose, referees are not consistent sometimes and every instance of inconsitency does not necessarily imply conspiracy. He knows as well as everybody that such celebrations do invite and are duly rewarded with a yellow from the man in black.So the point of raising that on such an epoch making day for the club in general and the two players in particular does not strike me as brilliant.

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