Thursday, October 19, 2006

Chelsea Beats Barcelona

To say Chelsea has put London in the limelight in recent years is no gainsaying.As a frequent traveller especially in Europe,it takes only a few sentences after learning that i am a Londoner before the conversation involves Chelsea.Only Paul Scholes of Manchester United seems so popular abroad-strange that. Given the fact that he is not that celebrated at home.Anyway i am glad to be a londoner and a supporter of a club that brings pride to the city.

Last night`s Champions League encounter with our perennial `enemies ` Barcelona was always going to be a tricky affair. why ? With regards to the freakish incidents on saturday whereby Czech was stretchered off with a serious head injury then Cudicini was clobbered and had to be carried off too.Absurd or what? Two world class keepers taken out of action in the same match and having the small problem of playing Barcelona a couple of days after! Wonder why people say football management is a stressful job.

Well Hilario,the third choice goal-keeper proved an able substitute! Every time he was tested he lived up to the occasion.It was important to establish himsef early in the game as no make weight or a push-over because that would have increased Barca`s confidence and lead to pressure on him and his defence .This he did splendidly. I am confident he is a worthy member of the team.

I was petrified of rumours of Fabian Bartez being lined up for the post.Barthez?Ask for reference from Alex Ferguson first. I am sure Bartez was contributory to Alex Ferguson`s heart condition during his stay in United.So was quite relieved to find it was one of those urban tales thats nobody really knows who,where or how it started.Bartez on his day is as good as the best of them,but as bad as the worst on a lot of days for manager`s health.There you go.

Even though its only a one goal margin its still a very good win.If we can go to there and play as we did last night who knows we might even beat them 3-1 or something like that.We created a lot of chances last night . Chances so blatant they should have been converted.Matter of fact the scoreline should have read 3-0. Like i said we are not in a bad situation at all for the return leg.One thing is certain though Barcelona will score at home.

Go blues!

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