Saturday, October 28, 2006

Damien Hirst Guilty of Plagiarism?

A London resident,Robert Dixon claims celebrated enfant terrible of Modern British art Damien Hirst copied his work.Well nothing wrong in anyone engaged in the creative arts taking inspirations form an existing work but this particular case leaves a sour taste in my mouth.Mr Dixon claims his painting,True Daisy is not just a replica of Hirst`s Valium but a direct reproduction which only could have been achieved by tracing.

Put simply Mr Hirst laid his mitts on poor Dixons original design, got himself some good tracing paper, locked himself in his studio and went to work! Mr Dixon is just a former graphic artist and a former research associate at the Royal College Of Art while Hirst is of course probably the most celebrated and acclaimed artist around these shores at present.Meaning his works command million of pounds.This is the context in which the this affair is to be seen.

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