Friday, October 27, 2006

London 2012 Olympics

The boss of the Olympics Delivery Authority Jack Lemley resigned his appointment recently. Citing the need to devote time to his construction business as the reason for his action. I do not get it at all.The man knew he had personal business to attend to but took the job anyway.Not just any other job at that if it must be said.Its the whole Olympics infrastructure we are talking about here.Such time- sensitive projects can do without unstable overseers like Mr Lemley.

Londoners will be justified to be paranoid about the olympic project being delivered on schedule thanks to the Wembley fiasco.So this ship -jumping by the man charged with the task of making sure London has the right facilities for the greatest sports extravanga is to be viewed with some concern.On the brighter side , it is better he left now at this relatively early stage . I hope the Authority will find the right candidate for the position.One who has not only the pedigree but also will also be dedicated and commited to the job.

Meanwhile here is a link to the London Olympics website.

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