Monday, October 30, 2006

Pubs To Be Football Free Zone?

Hey what is going on? Football and beer have for long been partners so what is one to make of talk that a lot of pub companies are asking for a refund on their TV licences and getting rid of the Plasma screens.According to reports family groups and football fans are two opposing customers and since the family group tend to spend more in Pubs than your average footie lover just out to see his team play,then the football fan has to go.What?!! Which pubs have they been going? Imagine these pub companies raking in millions just a few months ago,thanks to the world cup and now the football loving customer is a nuisance to be rid of.Sighs.

Personally i do not imbibe lager that much.As i revealed before i like one or two glasses of wine now and then.But nothing beats being in pub on a cushy leather sofa,glass of Campo Viejo or Faustino in hand watching Chelsea pummel another sucker club.So if all these killjoy pub owners stop showing football in their pubs what is going to happen? I see subscription to Skysports as the only answer.

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