Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tesco And Under-Aged Drinking

I read a story in the papers how a 43 year old was refused service at the alcohol department in her local Tesco. Mrs Portbury (no pun intended,that is her name) went to get a case of lager with two of her kids in tow. She was refused the sale because the cashier feared she might give the said booze to her teen-aged son accompany her. Umm since when did Tesco cashiers became Social Workers i found myself wondering. Mrs Portbury promptly sauntered down to the nearest Sainsbury where her yearning to sate her thirst were granted.Good.

The incident has a familiar ring to it. A female acquaintance of mine from Glasgow was in London a few weeks ago for the 100% Design Exhibition. After a long day of exhibiting or should that be exhibition, what else would be as nice as a bottle of nice full bodied pinot or a rioja.Well i suggested my favourite tipple which is Campo Viejo Rioja.Nice red wine if there is any.My friend decided to take the short walk to Tesco and acquire this said bottle of wine.Happened that when our Glasgow visitor was in the queue , bottle of wine in hand, the cashier on the till was casting glances at her.Why? She thought. She didn`t know but her make-up was not smudged nor was any part of her anatomy not meant for public consumption on display .Well , maybe it is a feature of Londoners to shoot stares at ladies she decided.On finally getting to the head of the queue, the said cashier shot her the final arrowing stare , cast a glance at her hand(Rioja proudly held) thence informed her it was Tesco`s policy not to sell alcohol to under-aged people plus if she would like to purchase that bottle she was cuddling she would have to produce some identification. Did i mention this lady was a 34 year old designer from Glasgow?

So the penny dropped:Those stares were meant to tell her `what do you think you are doing with that bottle of wine`?. My friend who is of a good disposition explained who she was and backed it up with her ID.She felt quite embarassed by the whole affair. However she saw the funny side of the episode later. Thanks partly to you know what.

I know female vanity makes a woman glad if deemed younger than she really is .But 38-18 is a wide gap.So denying service to a 34 year while mistaken said 34 year old for an under 18 year old is not taking the biscuit but the whole Nasco corporation.

I am all for stamping down on under-age drinking but the balance has got to be right.The incident invloving Mrs Portbury and my dear friend are not acceptable at all.Imagine my friend didnt have any ID with her age on her that evening?

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